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Revolve is a new spin on the age old paddle and ball formula. Manoeuvre the paddles around a circular track to keep balls in play while avoiding obstacles, building multipliers and using powerups to slow down time and create forcefields. Earn bunts by scoring points to buy powerups in the store and bling your paddle!



“It’s a cute little game that takes a simple gameplay concept and executes it well.” – IGN, 8.0/10

Introducing the Mobile of the Day FWA award winning game, Magnetix.

Magnetix is a simple and addictive puzzle/arcade game of attraction. Enemies become attracted to you as you enter their field. The smaller they are, the greater the magnetic pull. Use the point and drag mechanism to weave your way through 70 levels of increasing difficulty, starting from basic, all the way through to downright insane.

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