Based in Adelaide, South Australia (woo!), Piñata Games is a small independent gaming company. Bursting with flavour and ideas Piñata Games aims to provide users with simple, engaging experiences via mobile apps and gaming. Why Piñata? Because we all know that Piñatas are filled with good stuff just waiting to be opened.

Who we are

Jassa Amir-Lang
Coding Black Belt

What can’t Jassa code? He was doing AS3.0 when you were trying to make your website look normal in IE5. Now days he deals mainly with apps and mobile games. And Brazilian Jiu-jitsu.

Check out Jassa’s blog.

Nathan Pana
Design Monkey

Nathan specializes in UI and UX design for mobile devices. With a background in multimedia he is a jack of most trades. He has done agency circuits in Adelaide, Toronto and London. He loves skulls and cheesecake.

Nathan’s blog is here.