Somewhere, deep in the jungle...

...there is an ancient board where adventurers have uncovered a centuries old game of strategy and greed called Tamak. Clear the board by connecting tiles and creating chains. But as the tiles stack up you must choose: will you wait for the tile you need? Or will you buckle and opt for safety first? You must remember that you will be handsomely rewarded for your greed.



These are the life blood of Tamak. Connect tiles together to make chains. Chains lead to points and in turn, make the Gods happy. The longer the chain, the more points you get.

Double Tiles


Just like regular tiles, only double. These tiles must be cleared from the board twice in order to free up their space.



Gargoyles are big, bulky and made of stone. They don't really move at all. They just get in your way so that you can't make chains. They can be destroyed with the sword or placed on your desk top as ornamental features. Goes great with flowers.



Got yourself into a spot of bother? Luckily you brought your trusty parang along! You can cut through gargoyles, tiles and even witch doctors!

Witch Doctor


Witch doctors swan around the jungle like untamed lions. They go where they like and they like where they go. Their sole purpose in life is to get in your way and stop you from making chains. Why do they care what you're doing in the jungle? They don't. They're just...there.



Don't you hate it when your greed gets you into trouble and you end up with a board filled with useless tiles that can't be completed? Well, this little jungle nymph is here to help! Simply tap on the circuit you'd like to complete and he will duly oblige. He's happy to help, although he does charge by the tile.



Don't play with fire. But if you're really in trouble then you might have to. This guy shows up, destroys everything and and disappears. I guess he does give you a hand clearing out the board but you don't make any points.



Ever get the feeling that there's something else out there in the jungle? Maybe there is...

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